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Fresh, Well-Functioning Website = Traffic and Sales
Broken or Stale Website = Lost Sales
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We take care of your Website maintenance in Los Angeles. So you can take care of business.

We have pricing and plans for:

  • Work by the hour
  • One-time jobs
  • As well as monthly website maintenance service agreements.
    • 1 hour per month
    • 2 hours per month
    • 3 hours per month
    • 4 hours per month
    • Custom plans to meet your needs.

We have experts in these common programming languages:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • and more....

Just some of our website maintenance Los Angeles services:

  • Identify and fix broken links
  • Add your fresh content to the site
  • Correct canonical issues
  • Correct Meta Tag problems (yes, Meta Tags are still used in search results positioning)
  • Repair your site if it has been h*cked
  • Page load-time test (should be 5 seconds, max)
  • Top Level security scan of your site
  • Correct e-Commerce shopping cart problems
    • OSCommerce
    • PrestaShop
    • Magento
    • and others

These Los Angeles website services are available at an additional charge:

  • Design or re-design of one page, or entire site
  • Add or delete pages in your site
  • Check and register domain names for you
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Perform a complete site review and make recommendations
    • Design
    • Functionality
    • SEO ready or SEO problems
    • PPC ready or PPC problems
  • Supply SSL and major "trust" seals and certificates
    • GeoTrust certificates
    • GeoTrust Anti-Malware
    • Symantec certificates
    • Symantec Safe Site
    • Comodo certificates
    • Protect Your Identity
    • Truste Privacy Policy

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Website maintenance Los Angeles service, also known as "Los Angeles website maintenance", up-dates a website, or fixes problems with a website in order to be sure the site is current and working smoothly.

No visitor wants to go into a website whose footer says something like, "Copyright 2000", or "Last up-dated: May 2001". Visitors see these kinds of mistakes and know that the website owner doesn't care about their own site, or the visitor's business. And if that's not bad enough, they also tell the Google search engine crawler that the site is out of date and not up-dated frequently, which will probably put you well down in search results position. Google search has publicly stated, many times, it wants fresh, unique content…and lots of it.

What are "dead links"? A "dead link" doesn't go anywhere when it is clicked. Links can go dead over time for a variety of reasons. Dead links count against you with visitors, and with the Google search engine. Your site should never have any dead links. The only way to prevent dead links is to have your site checked regularly to find dead links, and then fix or eliminate them. The more dead links in your site, the lower your search position.

Need to up-date images, promotions or coupons in your site? That's Los Angeles website maintenance, too.

Why do visitors keep returning to your site? Simple. Because you regularly post new, fresh content that interests them. You create the content. Los Angeles website maintenance loads it into your site.

Sites that function well…usually perform or sell well.
Los Angeles website maintenance on a regular basis helps make sure you're getting the best ROI (Return On Investment) from your website.
Performing website maintenance in Los Angeles on a regular basis allows website problems to be found and corrected before you hear about the problems from a visitor, or customer.

Website maintenance Los Angeles allows you to always "put your best foot forward" to your visitors and search engines.

When visitors see a broken site, an out of date site, grammar, spelling or punctuation errors…they leave. Fast.
A broken, out of date, or amateur-looking website causes visitors to quickly leave. Website maintenance Los Angeles can fix all of these problems, and many more.

Los Angeles website maintenance is a basic business requirement today. It is no longer a luxury. The "old days" of the Internet (you know, the "ancient times" – the 1990's) where you could throw any crummy website onto the net and make money with it…are long gone. Today's Internet users demand state-of-the-art websites that look and function in a professional manner. They will not tolerate anything less.

Does your site measure up to this standard?
Our website maintenance Los Angeles services 100's of clients in 39 states and Canada.
Your website is a significant financial investment…that is virtually worthless if your site has problems or is out of date.
Professional, reliable, regular Los Angeles website maintenance service on your site…Priceless.
Our on-call staff of 66+ trained specialists is ready to serve you.
Call us NOW to discuss your website maintenance Los Angeles needs.

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If you're already using a Los Angeles website maintenance company:

  • Are you paying too much for what you get?
  • Are they slow to respond to your requests?
  • Do they fix one thing, and break something else?
  • Do they tell you "It's fixed," and when you check, you find out it hasn't been fixed?
  • Do they routinely run the pages they change in all common browsers to make sure the pages load and function correctly, before they tell you, "It's done"? This is known as a "cross-browser compatibility" test. What can look and work fine in Internet Explorer and Firefox, might not look or work right on a Mac. And what may look OK in Internet Explorer 8, might not look right in Internet Explorer 9. Many programmers use Macs…what looks and works on their Mac might not look or work correctly on your PC. Cross-browser compatibility tests are essential any time changes are made to a webpage, even small changes.